Chisholm Trail High School Athletics

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MAY 2024

Ed Willkie Middle School - Ava Rios and Luis Roldan

Ava started on the B soccer team but worked hard all season and got to finish the season on the A Team. Her work ethic and drive are the reasons she was chosen. She is a well-rounded student and a force on the field.

For the 2023-2024, Luis is one of our 5 Star Athletes.  The 5 Star Athlete is an athlete that played in 5 sports during the 2023-2024 school year.

Marine Creek Middle School - Evelyn Banda and Angel Murillo

Evelyn has done a tremendous job all year long pushing herself and striving to achieve success. She is a very hard worker both on the field and in the classroom and sets an example for her peers.  She ran cross country in the fall and now is a shining star on the girls soccer team.   Evelyn is very dedicated to her team and enjoys what she is doing and her role on the team. Way to go, Evelyn, keep up the hard work!

Angel has been a fantastic athlete this year. He is a dual sport athlete (track/soccer) qualifying for the Meet of Champions in three events, as well as being a utility player on the pitch. Angel most recently filled in as a goalie and had three key saves to propel the Mustangs to a win.

APRIL 2024

Ed Willkie Middle School - Ruby Ochoa and Isaac Lincoln

Ruby is an 8th grader on the A soccer team at Ed Willkie. She knows the game inside and out and puts in time beyond practice. She is coachable and always does what is best for the team. She has great footwork, and she gets along with everyone! A true leader and friend.

Lincoln did an excellent job in track. He ran in the and sprints. He is currently in soccer.

Marine Creek Middle School - Elmira Omari and Jonathan Diaz Soto

Jonathan is one of our hardest-working 8th graders. Along with playing football, he is also on the soccer team. Jonathan pushes himself to be great everyday and has developed into one of our leaders in the weight room. 

Elmira is a great leader and friend to her teammates. She shows up to practice each day ready to learn and help push her teammates. She has been the leading scorer for the B team and does a great job of being a calming presence for her teammates on the field. We are so proud of her improvement throughout the season and can't wait to see how far she will go!


MARCH 2024

Ed Willkie Middle School - Moriah Cole and Andrew Leguen 

Moriah is an outstanding student-athlete whose work ethic, enthusiasm and positivity are evident not only in athletics but also in the classroom. She is an honor student and multisport athlete who takes pride in all she does and works diligently and intentionally to improve and master her skills.  She does a great job of believing in and building up those around her and encourages her teammates to achieve their goals while holding herself to the same standard. Her hard work paid off as she qualified to compete in multiple events at the Meet of Champions Track Meet in April and is the Big 5 Zone 1 Champion in the Long Jump! 

Andrew is our 7th athlete of the month.  Andrew is one of our track athletes and has done a good job in running track for us.  Andrew has ran the  800, 400, and a relay.

Marine Creek Middle School - Khloey Avelar and Rigoberto Gamez

Khloey has been a multi-sport athlete for the Lady Mustangs all year long. She was a part of the volleyball team in the fall and is now a part of the track and tennis team in the Spring. A month ago, Khloey had never played tennis competitively. Today, she is leading the team in positivity and dedication! Khloey is consistently pushing herself to be better, not only on the court but in the classroom as well. Her passion for improvement and maintaining a cohesive team does not go unnoticed. We all look forward to seeing her continued growth and achievement in and out of tennis! Way to go Khloey, you are a great representation of the Lady Mustangs!

Rigoberto Gamez 8th Grade- Rigo has been a great addition to the Mustangs track program. He currently competes in the 800m and 1600m run. Along with multiple first place finishes, he recently set the school record in the 800m and is still looking to improve his time. Rigo is a high energy and hard-working athlete that we are proud to have representing the Mustangs. 


Ed Willkie Middle School - Abigail Mejias Lopez and Alfredo Alaniz 

Abigail is an outstanding teammate whose work ethic, drive and dedication are inspiring to watch. She works tirelessly and intentionally to improve herself in all that she does and encourages and motivates others to do the same. She works as hard in the classroom as she does in athletics, working to maintain good grades in her classes. Abigail’s positivity and joy shine bright every day, as does her willingness to be the very best version of herself in all that she aspires to do!

Alfredo is one of our track athletes and is excited to run track this year.  Alfredo will be running the 100, 200, and a relay.

Marine Creek Middle School - Yanely Borbolla and Axel Martinez

Yanely truly defines what it means to be a Marine Creek Lady Mustang student-athlete! Yanely ran cross country, was on the volleyball team, played basketball and now is running track. She is an amazing student in the classroom and strives to be on the A/B honor roll. Yanely is a tremendous teammate and had to overcome some adversity/injury this year but still always helps and cheers on her team. We love having Yanely at Marine Creek and can't wait to see what she goes on to achieve and accomplish in her high school career. We are so proud of your hard work and dedication, keep it up!

Axel is currently a member of the track team for the Mustangs. He is a hard-working sprinter who competes in the 200, 400 and 4X4 Relay. Along with being a speedy sprinter, Axel was on the basketball team and is a talented soccer player. One of the things that makes him a joy to coach is that Axel is always willing to step in anytime a coach asks him to.


Ed Willkie Middle School - Bre'anna Mack and Landon Stepp

Bre’anna is the ultimate team player on and off the court. Her work ethic, enthusiasm and positivity are compelling. Bre’anna leads by example and works diligently and intentionally to improve her skills every day. She does an outstanding job of believing in, building up and cheering on those around her to achieve their very best.

Landon is a 7th grade basketball player. He has improved tremendously which has moved him from the C team to the B team.

Marine Creek Middle School - Grace Kennedy and Tylane Smith

Grace takes every opportunity she can to practice in the gym and improve her skills. She comes in early and will stay late to work out with the varsity team in addition to her middle school team practices. She has never quit on a skill or an event. She listens to coaching feedback and she pushes herself at every practice and competition. Her hard work on and off the mat is an inspiration to all the others on the team, as well. Grace exemplifies and embodies what it means to be a true Lady Mustang student-athlete! 

Ty is one of the hardest workers on the court. His heart and hustle have helped propel the Mustangs B Team to a 6-0 start to the basketball season. Ty is a great student-athlete who handles his work on the court and in the classroom. 


Ed Willkie Middle School - Mikayla Powers and Lucas Gutierrez

Mikayla is an amazing athlete who is the epitome of a true leader.  She displays a strong work ethic on and off the court.  While on the court, Mikayla is determined to do things right and is very coachable.  In the classroom, she maintains a strong academic performance while being committed to basketball. Although she is very quiet, her actions on the court motivate her teammates to give 110%.

Lucas Gutierrez is on the 8th basketball B team.   He is what we call the sixth man.  He comes off the bench and does a great job! He plays good defense and offense when he is playing.

Marine Creek Middle School - Angar Arop and Dyrod Brice

Angar is a multi-sport athlete for the 7th Grade Lady Mustangs as she was on the Lady Mustang Volleyball team as well. Angar is extremely hard-working and coachable in everything she does. As the basketball season has started, she has quickly become a leader on and off the court. She has helped lead the Lady Mustangs to a 3-0 start to the season while maintaining straight As in the classroom at the same time. We appreciate all her effort and look forward to seeing her continue to grow both as a student and athlete at Marine Creek. Congrats, Angar!

Dyrod is a two-sport athlete at Marine Creek who played on the football team and is currently on the basketball team. He is one of those kids that every coach enjoys working with. His heart and hustle on the court/field help fire up his teammates. One of the best things about Dyrod is his upbeat and positive attitude. It is thanks to these attributes that Dyrod has helped the Mustangs have a great start to the season.


Ed Willkie Middle School - Lilliana Conchas and Gavin Honea

Lily is a hardworking and dedicated athlete. She shows up to practice every day with a positive attitude and always encourages her teammates to achieve their goals. This is her second year on the tennis team, and she has grown tremendously. Lily is incredibly coachable and always strives to improve her game. She is an exceptional student-athlete as well and has an impeccable attendance record. Lily has a bright future ahead of her both on the tennis court and in the classroom!

Gavin is an exceptional student-athlete here at Willkie and consistently shows up every day to practice hoping to improve. This is his second year on the tennis team, and he has continued to improve with each practice. Not only is he coachable, but he also is an amazing teammate; always striving to make a positive impact to his teammates both on and off the court. Gavin is also hardworking in the classroom and is currently on the AB Honor Roll. We are so proud of all Gavin has accomplished and will continue to accomplish both on and off the court!

Marine Creek Middle School - Blakely Horn and Carter Lienemann

Blakely is a second year MCMS cheerleader and serves as a leader on and off the field! She truly embodies the spirit of dedication, teamwork, and positivity that defines an MCMS Cheerleader. It has been a joy to coach Blakely, and we look forward to watching her grow as an athlete! Blakely has also participated in volleyball, basketball, cross-country, and track during her time here a Marine Creek Middle School.

Carter is an offensive starter and leader of the linemen for the Marine Creek football team. He is a hard worker and never one to complain. One of the best things about Carter is that he is a polite and respectful person and someone every coach enjoys being around.


Ed Willkie Middle School - Bailey Arthur and Khoa Le

Bailey is a hardworking and competitive athlete. She shows up to practice every day with a great attitude and is constantly encouraging her teammates. When the game is close, she wants to be on the court helping her team earn a victory. Bailey is also extremely coachable; she works hard to make the adjustments asked of her immediately. She is also an exceptional student, and is on the A Honor Roll. Bailey has a bright future ahead both on the court and in the classroom!

Khoa is an 8th grader on the Ed Willkie tennis team. Khoa is an excellent student-athlete and is on the A/B Honor Roll and an excellent tennis player.  In his last tennis match, he won 6-0.

Marine Creek Middle School - Marama Peeni and Montez Roberts

Marama is a surprise newcomer and leader for the Lady Mustang Cross Country team. She led the Lady Mustangs with five Top 15 finishes highlighted by a Top 12 finish at the Meet of Champions earlier this month at The Buff. Marama is a great teammate and her personality, hard work and encouragement are contagious to everyone around her. We are so proud of her progress this year and look forward to seeing her continue to succeed for years to come.

Montez is one of the hardest workers on and off the field, which is why he is having a great season for the Mustangs. He is a two-way starter playing running back and safety. Montez is leading the team in touchdowns and just recorded his first interception this week. 


Ed Willkie Middle School - Daiana Chávez and Parker Cockrell

Daiana Chávez is an amazing athlete and one of the fastest runners in the district. She took first place in her first meet and second place in her second meet. Daiana also placed first at the Zone Meet. Not only is she a great runner, she is a coachable athlete that shows up to practice every day giving her best effort and taking notes well. She never complains. She is also passing all of her classes and is a model student at Ed Willkie.

Parker Cockrell - This month Parker demonstrated character, integrity, and sportsmanship.  Parker is the athlete who does the things RIGHT.  He is a true student athlete.

Marine Creek Middle School - Lydia Yamokoski and Andre' Carrington

Lydia is an amazing dual sport athlete for the Lady Mustang athletic program. She is a leader on the 8th grade volleyball A team and competes on the cross country team as well. In her cross country meets, she has a fifth and sixth place finish so far this season. Lydia is a great role model and example for all future Lady Mustangs!

Andre' is currently having a great start to the year competing at a high level as a dual sport athlete. In his first three cross country meets he has three top 10 finishes including a second and third place finish. Andre’ is also a two-way starter for the Mustangs on their A football team scoring two touchdowns and an interception.